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Title: Towards a model for the instantaneous aerodynamic forces on accelerating profiles with spanwise flow
Author: Wong, Jaime
Advisor: Rival, David
Keywords: Engineering--Aerospace;Engineering--Mechanical
Issue Date: 28-Jan-2013
Abstract: As a step towards a reduced-order model for aerodynamic force history, a model for leading-edge vortex growth was proposed and validated with Particle Image Velocimetry. As a precursor to validating this model for three-dimensional cases, the effect of spanwise flow on nominally two-dimensional profiles was investigated by imposing plunging and flapping motions on swept profiles. It was shown that spanwise flow had no effect on vortex stability or force history. To investigate additional contributors to force history, gust-induced loads on a flat-plate profile were compared to those on an equivalent profile accelerated within a uniform flow. The contribution to force history from fluid acceleration could not be neglected. However, differences between gust loads and accelerating-model loads were not proportional to model acceleration. Rather, the force histories were differentiated primarily by the distribution of vorticity in the wake, caused by changes in the effective velocity at the trailing-edge of the profile.
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