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Title: Focus+Context via Snaking Paths
Author: Packer, Jeffrey F.
Advisor: Samavati, Faramarz F.
Mitchell, Joseph R.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 14-Jun-2013
Abstract: Focus+context visualizations reveal specific structures in high detail while effectively depicting its surroundings, often relying on transitions between the two areas to provide context. We present an approach to generate focus+context visualizations depicting cylindrical structures along snaking paths that enables the structures themselves to become the transitions and focal areas, simultaneously. A method to automatically create a snaking path through space by applying a path finding algorithm is presented. A 3D curve is created based on the 2D snaking path. We describe a process to deform cylindrical structures in segmented volumetric models to match the curve and provide preliminary geometric models as templates for artists to build upon. Structures are discovered using our constrained volumetric sculpting method that enables removal of occluding material while leaving them intact. We find the resulting visualizations effectively mimic a set of motivating illustrations and discuss some limitations of the automatic approach.
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