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Title: Where did YOU go? Narratives of Those Who Care
Author: Charbonneau, Tyla
Advisor: Russell-Mayhew, Shelly
Keywords: Educational Psychology;Guidance and Counseling;Health
Issue Date: 27-Aug-2013
Abstract: Family caregivers of individuals with schizophrenia are an asset in our society as they dedicate much of their lives to providing care. Previous research about these caregivers has often focused on caregiver burden. It was of interest to explore the self-care practices of these individuals to gain understanding into their lived experience. Through written personal reflection in nature this study asked seven family caregivers (four women, three men) to tell their story of self-care. Using narrative analysis several themes were discovered including self-care practices, barriers to self-care, influence of self-care, agency, well-being, and future. This study gave voice to one group of caregivers and their experiences with emotions, barriers, and practice of self-care. The implications of the study include additional information for both caregivers and community agencies about the importance of, and barriers to, self-care practices. It also may provide a foundation for further research in terms of self-care.
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