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Title: Kenya's Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Framework Governing the National Oil Corporation of Kenya: Transferable Lessons from Norway
Author: Gichuyia, Monah Kathomi
Advisor: Lucas, Alastair Richard
Keywords: Law
Abstract: Kenya’s discovery of oil and gas resources in 2012 has flung the upstream petroleum sector into the limelight. The state owned National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK), whose mandate includes operating in the upstream sector, is expected to play a significant role in supporting government’s efforts to develop the upstream petroleum sector and in extension impacting Kenya’s overall economic development. This thesis looks into NOCK’s governance. It compares its governance with that of Statoil – Norway’s National Oil Company. Statoil has significantly contributed to Norway’s petroleum resource development and economic welfare. This thesis therefore makes proposals for legislative review in order to incorporate good governance principles in statutes that regulate NOCK. It is expected that by so doing, NOCK will have a better chance of succeeding in its role as government’s agent for developing the upstream petroleum sector; in a manner that supports the country’s overall economic development.
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