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Title: Regulation of Environmental Pollution in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry: The Need for an Alternative Approach
Author: Ugbaja, Francesca
Advisor: Lucas, Alastair
Keywords: Law;Engineering--Environmental
Abstract: Oil pollution from spillages unquestionably threatens the existence of flora and fauna and their habitats. This phenomenon has negatively impacted the culture and political structure of many industrial groups and has been a source of health hazard for humans. The result of this malaise is that territorial waters and the lands are rendered unfit for marine, plant and human lives. In response to this vice, the Nigerian government has enacted legislations aimed at controlling oil spills and curbing environmental pollution. However, the Nigerian legal regime has proved largely inadequate to tackle the menace of oil spills and resultant environmental destruction. This thesis therefore examines in comparative terms the Nigerian and Alberta legal regimes on oil spills resulting in environmental pollution. The intention in this thesis is to critique the laws in Nigeria as inadequate in combating oil spills and to advocate for effective enforcement of environmental laws.
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