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Title: A Novel Approach to White-Box Policy Analysis
Author: Balasubramaniam, Jayalakshmi
Advisor: Fong, Philip Wai Leung
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 25-Jan-2013
Abstract: The access control systems in dynamic environments contain composite access control policies, that combine decisions from multiple component policies using policy combining algorithms. In such dynamic environments, analysis of policies is a challenge. In this thesis, I propose a white-box policy analysis Decision in Context (DIC), that would analyse component policies situated inside a composite policy. For generality, the DIC query is defined in an XACML-style policy composition framework. The DIC query is implemented via a reduction to either propositional satisfiability or pseudo boolean satisfiability instances, after which standard solvers can be invoked to complete the evaluation. Empirical analyses have been conducted to compare the relative efficiency of the SAT and PBS encodings. The latter is found to be the more effective encoding, in reducing DIC queries containing majority voting policy combining algorithms.
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