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Issue DateTitleAuthor
2-Oct-2015The Role of Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells in the Interleukin-10 Model of Colitis-Associated CancerBawa, Manmish
18-Jun-2015Molecular Genetic Analysis of Benzimidazole Resistance in the Parasitic Nematodes Haemonchus contortus and Haemonchus placeiChaudhry, Umer
1-May-2015Measuring and Modelling of the Thermodynamic Equilibrium Conditions for the Formation of TBAB and TBAC Semi-Clathrates formed in the Presence of Xenon and ArgonGarcia Mendoza, Marlon Ilich
18-Nov-2015A Meta-Analysis of Hydroxyurea Use for β-thalassemia: Implications for Clinical Practice and Medical EducationAlgiraigri, Ali
30-Apr-2015Identification and Evaluation of the Indications for Use of Damage Control Surgery and Damage Control Interventions in Civilian Trauma PatientsRoberts, Derek
1-May-2015Role of Type IV Pili in the Pathogenesis of Enterovirulent BacteriaMartinez de la Peña, Claudia Fabiola
8-May-2015Managing the Medicalization of Madness: A Narrative Analysis of Personal Stories about Mental Illness OnlineSolomon, Monique de Boer
20-Jul-2015Simultaneous Intracranial EEG-fMRI for the Study of Epilepsy in Humans at 3.0 TBeers, Craig
13-Jul-2015Plasma Metabolomics of Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) For Prognosis of Patients at Highest Risk of MortalityBanoei, Mohammad Mehdi
8-May-2015Examination of Conodont Ontogeny, Phylogeny and Experimental Diagenesis Utilizing Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy and Strontium Isotope AnalysisTerrill, David Frederick