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Issue DateTitleAuthor
6-Sep-2013Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Early Diagenesis of Pennsylvanian-Permian Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Cyclothems, SW Ellesmere Island, NunavutWalker, Victoria M.
26-Feb-2013The Thermo-Tectonic and Petroleum System Evolution at Hoodoo Dome, Ellef Ringnes Island, Sverdrup Basin, Canadian High Arctic: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Regional GeologySpringer, Austin
2-Oct-2013Early Cretaceous methane seepage system and associated carbonates, biota and geochemistry, Sverdrup Basin, Ellef Ringnes Island, NunavutWilliscroft, Krista
2-Oct-2013The Cause of Anisotropy in Symmetrically Cubic Almandine and Spessartine GarnetRound, Stephanie
2-Oct-2013Stable Isotope and Geochemical Investigations into the Hydrogeology and Biogeochemistry of Oil Sands Reservoir Systems in Northeastern Alberta, CanadaCowie, Benjamin Ross
18-Dec-2013Geochemical Reaction Proxies (Parameters) to Remotely Monitor In Situ Chemical Reactions and Assess the Extent of Bitumen Upgrading during Thermal Recovery ProcessesKoksalan, Tamer
22-Jan-2013Characterization of the Lower Shoreface to Offshore Reservoir Facies of the Cardium Formation in East Pembina, AlbertaFic, Julianne D.
21-Jan-2013Metamorphic and Tectonic Evolution of the Paleoproterozoic Thompson Nickel Belt, ManitobaCouëslan, Christopher G.
25-Sep-2013Pennsylvanian–Early Permian Carbonate Shelf to Slope Transition, Sverdrup Basin, Northwest Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada (Nunavut)Shultz, Candice Victoria
30-Apr-2013The influence of glacial isostatic adjustment on intraplate seismicity in northeastern CanadaSteffen, Rebekka