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Issue DateTitleAuthor
24-Jul-2015Secure Communication over Adversarial Channelwang, pengwei
7-Dec-2015Improving Seismic-to-well TiesCui, Tianci
4-Dec-2015Exploring a Process for Developing Usable Web APIs: A Case StudyBhaskar, Rahul Kamal
28-Jan-2015Validating Pragmatic Reuse TasksMakady, Soha
6-Feb-2015Sketch-Based Dance ChoreographyMoghaddam, Elahe
15-Dec-2015Traffic Analysis of Two Scientific Web SitesLiu, Yang
22-Dec-2015Efficient Framework for Quantum Walks and BeyondDohotaru, Catalin
4-Dec-2015New Techniques for Private Function EvaluationSadeghian, SeyedSaeed
24-Dec-2015Building Babel - Towards a Security System through Co-dependency and Diversityde Castro, Daniel Medeiros Nunes
26-Jun-2015Kernel-assisted Pattern Analysis of Memory EventsLaing, Sarah